Срочно, куплю респираторы и медицинские маски

Hello everyone!

My name is Tatianna (Tanya) and my company won the tender for suppling of masks:
1. civil disposable 3ply face masks (5,000,000 PCs.)
2. N95 & FFP2 respirators (1,000,000 PCs.)
3. FFP3 respirators (1,000,000 PCs.)
4. Covid-19 tests (200,000 PCs.)

I need to deliver all these goods by plane one time, or some part of these goods (you can fill all plane with three-layer masks).
Minimum number of shipments: one full plane per week.
Total quantity 20 million, with prolongue to 100 million.

For become my supplier and get a major contract, you must meet the following conditions:
Payment: only bank gaurantee (L/C, DLC, ESCROW etc.) which opening only on the board of the plane, after loading goods before flight.
Delivery: only by air, u find the plane, and deliver minimum one full plane per week. Type of arrival CFR.
Cost: I need to know
-exw price 3 ply civilian masks, and others, if it will be mixed arrival.
-CFR price, including air delivery to Prague (airport not necessary).
Now we have offers 0,24-0,28 USD. So, if u are trader or cost will be more higher than 0,3 USD-don’t waste our time please!

This is state order, so, don’t offer me your terms. If you agree to the terms of the tender, please send the following information:
1. Certificate and license of the factory.
2. Picture , specifications, certificate of the product.
3. Permission or licence or cerrificate of the exporting
this products out of the country.
4. What quantity is available and what quantity the
factory can make it for delivery weekly.
5. Prices for places and with delivery to Europe (Prague).
6. The cost of the airplane (what airplane?), how much the plane can accommodate masks. Please write the airline, the type of aircraft, as well as how much this aircraft can take in m3 and how much it costs.
7. Video and photo confirmation with a new date –
especially for Grain-SSK doo (fresh date) – It’s not
important, but we would really appreciate it.
8. Payment any secure payment method, without
prepayment. (LC, escrow as example), we have had a
sad experience of working with prepayments, so we work
with new contractors
using any safe working schemes.
9. List of shipping documents attached to the shipment.
10. Sample draft-contract, or I send u our draft contract.
11. A full range of products that we can order from you.
We want to implement a full range of personal
protection, medications and devices that detect

After getting this information, we are ready to conclude a deal!
I am waiting a company, who agree on all our terms, at my email: [email protected]; or whatsapp +7-966-301-81-99.

14.11.2020 13:00

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